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THE ABSOLUTE BEST FETISH -  BDSM – SESSIONS You are looking for the absolute best… the cream of the crop: NORA MARINELLI!


*** Europe’s elite domina: Goddess Nora Marinelli *** I am a well-educated, very feminine diva as known from 1950’s-movies who are almost impossible to find nowadays! I never just emerge, I loom large! My style of clothing is that of a stunning diva. I love real seam nylons on garter-belts, dizzying high-heels, hats, extravagant jewelry, gloves, designer costumes, exclusive purse and fur coats! My taste is exquisite, and I only move in the best circles.
I love staging myself and my appearances down to the smallest detail!
The most important prerequisite is you being a truly submissive, real gentleman. You enjoy bathing in the godly presence of this breathtaking, charismatic fetish-diva! You stand by me at all times, including in public!

I love luxury and high-class- lifestyle. My success and basic foundation of my business is discretion.
You can completely count on my absolute discretion.
Some examples of what you can experience with me: We make a helicopter trip to a gourmet restaurant, landing right in front of it. We enjoy a fine dinner and travel back to Vienna again by private jet to London, Nice, Paris or similar, do some shopping, visit an exclusive BDSM club and fly back to Vienna the next day.
This list can be continued endlessly…
Whether you are just an admirer of my beauty, a seam-nylon- fetishist or in need of a strong woman who tells you exactly what to do: an old-school gentleman is right at home with me.

Do you wish to meet for a glass of wine to discuss possibilities? Just contact me in my chat or in my webcam!

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