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Merry Christmas * Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas * Merry Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and I would like to take this as an opportunity to thank all my slaves and fans for the great time this year! I wish you happy and relaxing holidays! 🥳🎄

0 Comments geschrieben am 24.12.2019
My luxury is your ruin!

My luxury is your ruin! I am self-confident, spoiled, educated and dominant! I know what I want and that's what I get from you! I earn my own money but I want yours! My name stands for my lifestyle, which you will pay me! But consider, you little maggot. you'll be begging me because I can never get enough. I punish hard and consistent! Do not let me down for whining, payment delays or begging! I expect loyalty [written on]

0 Comments geschrieben am 09.10.2019
Spoil me for my birthday!

All my slaves, admirers and pay pigs have to pamper me for my birthday on the 24th September! You can send me Amazonvouchers and gifts from my Amazon Wishlist, the list can be found here: AMAZON WISHLIST (KLICK!)

Furthermore I expect that my videos will be bought diligently, coins will be charged and tributes will be sent!

If you have any questions, you can contact me in the chat! In Vienna, Bregenz, M [written on]

0 Comments geschrieben am 23.09.2019
I am looking for a C2/C3 Cuckold for a real time/permanent relationship!

From now on, a very wealthy C2 / C3 cuckold may humbly apply to me! I will use you with my dominant alpha bull and extremely humble! Permanent relationship, vacation or unique experience possible! Applications only through my chat! Absolute discretion and high standards are expected and guaranteed. Much is possible with the right candidate. Contact me in chat to discuss the possibilities! This offer is meant to be absolutely serious!

0 Comments geschrieben am 18.05.2019
Happy Easter to my slaves!

Happy Easter to my good servants, slaves, paypigs & fans! Of course, you will also be available to me over Easter, buy my videos & p****os and fiercely impress me. I'll enjoy myself royally over the holidays and burn lots of coal again. Of course, the bills are quickly put into my shop and I expect that these are paid ragged by my servants! Obey, tribute & pamper your one and only Goddess!

0 Comments geschrieben am 18.04.2019
Meet me for Real-Time Session!

International Real-Time Sessions are possible! You may ask for audience in my chat! Possible meetings are: Paypigs, cash & go, movie slaves, foot worship, facesitting, cafe meet with your mistress, shoppingslaves, education of sissy maids, Toiletslavery and much more! Remember always: I am an absolute luxury mistress and very picky!

ONLY the best slaves will get a live date with me - your ONE & ONLY [written on]

0 Comments geschrieben am 22.12.2018
Obey your one & only Goddess!

I expect to be worshiped and adored. Good slaves will be rewarded, bad ones… Punished!! Surrender to perfection and serve a true goddess. You are already lost, you just don´t know it yet!


0 Comments geschrieben am 22.12.2018
Welcome to my new english membersite!

Hello my slave and welcome to my brandnew private english membersite. You can buy and watch my new femdom and findom videoclips here. You can chat with me, came in my livewebcam, buy contracts and slavetasks in my shop, send tributes and send my messages!


....and now go on your knees and pray to your new goddess!

0 Comments geschrieben am 20.12.2018

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