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Luxury Mistress - Real Fetish Diva in Fur and Porsche

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Mistress-Nora-Marinelli 1:01 min. ONLY 399 Coins √
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As a real elite and arrogant, spoiled luxury diva, the best is just good enough for me! I love expensive things like  fur coats, a Porsche Turbo 911, a Louis Vuitton bag or a Dior sunglas. I surround myself exclusively with luxury. Your job is to finance my luxury lifestyle! How you do that goes completely past my luxury ass. Take a second and third job as dishwashers and newspaper executors, or sell your belongings. Main thing you do not bother me your poverty! All I want is your money - you human ATM .

What do you think, what costs my luxury life? I spend more on a shopping day than you earn  in a month. Maybe you can accompany me as a shopping slave . You will throw yourself in the dust for me and the floor I tread idolize and kiss. It goes without saying that you make your credit cards glow for me. Even if you are in debt and have nothing to eat for a month. All this does not interest me! Be glad and grateful that you are allowed to be a lousy servant and paying monkey for a Luxurylady and a real Elitediva! Get on your knees u and kiss the tops of my expensive overknee boots, paypig...

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