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Slutty Outdoorwalk with Crossdresser Cindy

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Mistress-Nora-Marinelli 4:15 min. ONLY 999 Coins √
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Anyone who knows me knows that one of my main fetish as a dominatrix and pimp is educating sissy corn, sissy sluts, crossdressers and transvestites.

Sissyslut Cindy from South America was lucky, I was just in Vienna and her application and her p****os, which she had sent to me, I liked. Therefore, the small, horny shemale cunt was allowed to come to me to introduce hermself. I fucked and tested the Brazilian Bitch 2 days extremely. Since she has proven to be a real little slut and exhibitionist, I decided to take her in my hooker. She is back in December with me and will then be rented hardcore as my sissy hooker. Women, couples and men can fuck her in all holes, she loves bondage and gagging. Especially she enjoys it extremely slutty, tied up, gagged and on a leash and collar to be executed!

In the first part I go with her in the afternoon on a leash on the road. Bitch Cindy wears 13 cm high heels in bright red, a skin-tight skirt (you can see her shemale clit) and a skin-tight top. She had to stagger away behind me. Everyone turned around after us and pussy Cindy really enjoyed it. I then went to a coffee house with her. After a glass of **** and a cappuccino, I sent the little bitch to the ladies' room. For Sissy Cindy a long-cherished dream came true with this session!

More horny parts follow  soon....

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