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Alphacouple-Become our cuckold

Actor Duration Price
Mistress-Nora-Marinelli 5:24 min. ONLY 1499 Coins √
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From now on, a (very) wealthy C2 / C3 cuckold can humbly apply to me! I will use you with my dominant alpha bull (successful businessman, good looking, sporty, dominant, extremely potent) and extremely humble! Permanent relationship, holiday, or unique experience (a weekend) possible! Likewise, a takeover / move into your house, etc. is possible. You can and will serve us in many ways: as a sissy maiden, as a shopping slave, as a money pig ..... You can make our bed, serve us breakfast, etc.

Absolute discretion and high standards are expected and guaranteed. Much is possible with the right candidate. Contact me in chat to discuss the possibilities! This offer is meant to be absolutely serious! I do not take everyone! Absolute devotion, solvency & obedience as well as extremely good manners are obligatory! If you are eligible for us, a long-term cuckold relationship is possible!

I am a beautiful, sexy and merciless cuckoldress who knows how to dominate small slaves and how to train them as a miserable worm tail to obedient cuckold. I'm not afraid of anything! You will learn to suffer for me and you will love first (learn!). As a glamorous mistress and true diva I love furs and luxury goods like fine jewelry, precious perfumes or sinfully expensive high heels, expensive lingerie, exclusive make-up, expensive sports cars, expensive real estate and designer handbags. Under my rule are several submissive cuckolds, who pay me their respects and tribute by gifts and tributes! You also want to count, maybe even become my little darling? In this clip you will learn exactly what you have to do.

I only live according to my ideas, used men as cuckolds and let them suffer horny. I am beautiful, incredibly erotic, charismatic, independent and free. Add to my rule and become part of my exclusive, decadent and dissolute life.

As an adorable cuckoldress, I take the liberty of having sex with whoever I want, including pretty bi-slavegirls and other bi-women, also with my alpha-bull. My divinity captivates every cuckold and I am the ruler of many worm tails and yours will soon count, little cucki!

I am merciless, my moods are unpredictable and my lust unbridled. I love decadence and I do not care what a cuckold wants, because only my will counts.

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