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Bad Slavegirl!

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Mistress-Nora-Marinelli 6:15 min. ONLY 999 Coins √
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My naughty but very sexy slave M. actually had the command to wash my nylon stockings and briefs! Meanwhile, I went for a glass of wine with my girlfriend! As I had ordered slave M. wore a skin-tight latex dress and high heels. I like it when my subs look awesome. Apart from that, M. had to serve a customer afterwards and the little bitch has to show her best side!

When I returned I could hardly believe my eyes! Submissive Bitch M. rummaged like crazy in my dirty laundry and was horny on the smell of my panties and tights. I was able to watch you as the slave played on your wet pussy! Again and again!

I cannot and will not tolerate such rampant behavior! The sub belongs to your just punishment!

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