My new source of income

My new source of income
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There are two things that make me exceptionally horny: power and money! You’ve been fatally attracted to me for some time now and you bring me way to little money! I love perverted stagings and have therefore ordered you into my studio. I have discovered a new, ingenious and very lucrative source of income: YOUR CUM ;-) You will be ordered to completely undress and lay down on my stretching rack. Oblivious you will perform my “harmless” order. My female slave has bound and fixed you to the rack! My stern, yet very sexy outfit renders you utterly submissive. With an almost tender voice I shall enlighten you: two women are waiting in the next room! Each of them has paid 12.000 euros to get impregnated. Well, I’ll let you guess who’s going to be my new sperm bank – exactly right: YOU, Bitch! Get used to the thought: It is completely normal for you to fuck strange women and squirt your cum deep into them. Ain’t that just me? Always looking out for my best interests…haha

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