Addicted to my worn nylon pantys

Addicted to my worn nylon pantys
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Nothing smells as sexy as my worn panties and thongs! The most violent smell of my original vintage nylon panties, which is an absolute rarity. They are made of 100% nylon and completely transparent and very large in design. Of course, the d****ry so appreciated by connoisseurs and lovers is obligatory. Nylon has the advantage that it smells pretty intense very quickly! In this case, I've worn the panty for 2 days now and it just smells heavenly.

The best addictive substance for dependent snoopers. You just how cool this nylon panties nestles around my ****, big ass and intensely absorbs the scent. Likewise from my divine mistresses pussy. You will now push your nose deep between my sweaty ass cheeks and inhale cool! Only a wafer-thin piece of the finest nylon separates even from my beguiling, fragrant asshole. Come on, plug your nose even deeper and then you'll get properly brain fucked by the ass smell. This ass-scent is highly addictive and drives you ever further into my addiction.

You have to inhale more and more of the **** panty smell, to be able to pacify your addiction and I drive you on and on. Everything else will be unimportant, you'll just pull my sexy panties over your head, the gusset directly over the nose and then it starts, with the perverted smell training. Under my ass you belong, you seat face. You will be used by me and I will use your addiction to my advantage!

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