Adopt my bills

I expect my submissive paypigs to finance my luxury life. ONLY work for me  and pay my bills. Every month you have unsolicited to pay my bills here! Come on, pay pig - pay NOW !!!

Definitely you will find here an invoice that you can pay well for me! Make me smile, depending on the amount, a happy or sympathetic smile on my perfect face.

We both know that you need this great, good feeling, for me goddess, to pay again and again! It makes you so horny to spend all your money for me !! Well, my little money slave and who knows, maybe I'll mention you in one of my brain fucking video clips ....

Pay my bills
I love shopping, wellness, great holidays, ****ing ****, eating well and celebrating my luxury lifestyle! Of course there are a lot of bills! Now you come into play: as my good slave, admirer or even pay pig, it should be an absolute honor and a need to take over one or the other bill or even several for me.   You want to see me happy, and of course catch a little bit of attention from [zum Artikel]
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