What are coins?

Coins is the payment method on my site, or "Mistress Nora Marinelli´s Currency" if you will. You load up an amount under "Buy Coins" and get credited with the corresponding amount of coins. With it you can buy everything on my site: shop articles, videos, p****os, wish clips, slave contracts, slave tasks, worn panties and much more.


Slave contracts:

You can find and easily buy slave contracts in my shop. Most of my contracts are to be filled out immediately after purchase by means of an online form and be sent to me! By only purchasing a contract you do not enter into any obligations! With a slave contract, you fill out everything with which you feel comfortable. What you don't want to reveal, you simply leave blank! If you have any questions, just contact me via my chat!



Cam sessions are always possible on request. Just write me in the chat and ask me if I have time. If you want to have an appointment during the day, or make sure you get a private cam session with me, it's best to book 1 day in advance!


Live meetings:

Live meetings are possible for select slaves and under certain circumstances! Ask me about it in the chat or via my ****line. The following options are possible: Cash & Go, live ATM milkings, cafe ****s with me, dinner dates, foot worship, shopping tours with me, fool of the day, long term, amusement object at my parties, servant at my cafe hen party, voyeur cam slave, pay fool and money slave, live toilets, face sitting, cuckold slave and much more.



Of course also beginners, true fetishists and/or lovers of certain clothing fetishes may apply with me as a slave! YOU are treated by me according to your inclinations!


How do I address you?

I expect a slave to be polite, obliging and well-behaved! Likewise I presuppose for you to write in whole sentences in my chat!


Which shoe size do you have?

39, for Louboutins 1 size bigger! If you feel the desire to buy me high heels, contact me in my chat first!


Do you also take pure fetishists?

Of course! I treat every slave according to his inclinations! Likewise it is possible to talk trivia or tit for tat with me! I can be extremely nice or utterly merciless. Depending on what a slave needs!

What do you expect from a slave:

I expect every slave to meet me with absolute respect and reverence and to give his best to serve me. Slaves, which have no manners and address me without respect, can fuck off immediately. I hate nothing more than rude behavior and have no desire to deal with such people! Furthermore, I expect that slaves regularly contact me and of course only serve me. Freeloaders too are at the wrong address with me!


I do not have much money, I may become nevertheless your slave:

Of course! Inspire me with your ideas, write comments to my videos (you get 30 Coins - per comment), advertise for me, open a Fan account on Twitter and much more. Think about how else you can be useful to me!

Of course you will try to save money for me wherever possible! A slave is only entitled to the bare necessities anyway and you should love to spoil me with your money!

And no, I'm not looking for free cleaning slaves, free gardeners, free poolboys or anything else!!! Having little money does not mean that you can work for me free of charge! E-mails will also be tossed into the virtual trash can unread! A communication with me is ONLY possible via Chat, Webcam or milking line! I have more slaves and aspirants than I could ever want or handle! BDSM, Fetish, Findom and Femdom are my passions, and I would like to live them out non-stressfully. Only the best & most committed slaves & admirers make it into my innermost circle.


Can I count on your absolute discretion:

The basis of my trade is discretion. Unless you would like to be blackmailed, exhibited in the whore stable, or exhibited at the Slave pillory, in which case I’ll be absolutely merciless!


In which countries/cities can I meet you?

You can find out in the menu item "Live meetings", but generally I am moving all over the world and also can be on vacation anywhere. If you cover all costs, I will go almost everywhere ;-)!

I have residences in Vienna & Munich/Ulm and can also be found there!


Do you also have female slaves?

And a whole lot of them at that! I love to train women and couples! You can see some of them in my videos or in the voyeur cam!


What are the advantages of registering on your site?

1) All my movies are cheaper here than on any other site

2) Here and ONLY here on NoraMarinelli.com you can find really everything: shop articles, videos, contracts, cam sessions, phone education, WhatsApp education, TeamViewer sessions, customclips …

3) I will give you free coins for your 1st registration and 5 films from my video store (see registration email at your registration!). You will also receive free coins for your birthday, if you specify it during your registration.

4)Noramarinelli.tv is my private page! You can practically experience "LIVE" my life as a mistress! Many of my videos are s**** in POV format, for you to feel "in the center of it all".


How do you live/how are you privately?

I live BDSM 24/7, also in my private life. Here on my completely private site I live out my passions as Findom and Femdom! The way you experience me in my films, the same way I am in private! I enjoy luxury of any **** and am a businesswoman through and through. I love exclusive restaurants and good food, I love dry white **** and rosé. Thank God I have the private privilege to be able to choose my slaves! I love positive people, easy going people with depth of character and I like to surround myself with luxury. A woman must enjoy life!

In addition, I am very dominant, know exactly what I want and am an absolute free spirit. I hate constraints of any ****! I do what I want, when I want it and live my life, just as I imagine it.

My absolute favorite city is Vienna! I own several properties in Vienna, Munich and Ulm, but I am not averse to other properties. Above all St Gallen, a property on Lake Constance and Spain would all appeal to me! My favorite designer brands are Chanel, Tom Ford and Louis Vuitton. I love expensive lingerie, fur coats, exclusive interiors, art and high heels. Furthermore I collect gold coins and gold bars. Gifts in this respect are truly appreciated.

Another of my passions are luxury holidays in 5 star ****els! I prefer slaves, who subordinate their whole life to me! After all, my luxury life has to be financed!

I have a weakness for dogs and obedient money slaves. Only the very best slaves are allowed to become my private slaves! But I expect absolute self-abandonment!

I also keep female slaves for my private pleasure, who naturally ALWAYS will be above male slaves. Female slaves have more rights with me than male slaves!

Always thinking of new tasks for my slave people is one of my biggest passions. I expect the same devotion from my slaves!

I like to surround myself with the most beautiful and precious things!


What I do not want:

Slaves who address me without manners or respect!

Men & slaves who tell me what to do!

Haggling over chat fees and tributes, moochers and slaves who think they can fuck with me! Slaves who think I’ll be there for them 24/7.

I am a business woman, a Moneydom and I run a business. The best of the best has its price!

My site, my ideas, my contracts are something very special and guaranteed to be unique in this form. All my love and passion flow into my site and that just has its price, which is more than justified. If you can't or won't afford it, go somewhere else! You don't belong with me! I don't just take everyone and my time is way too precious for me to spend with lowbrow idiots.

Slaves who have been with me for a long time will be granted their unique privileges and I can be very generous and indulgent! But you will have to work hard for this and ONLY I decide about it!

Be aware of the honor of being my slave! And now apply with my detailed application form and pray that I accept you, slave!

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