This is my Amazon wish list for my slaves who want to gift me:


I love vintage lingerie, suspenders and real nylons! Slaves who would like to give me pleasure can buy me a gift card from Ars Vivendi and Secrets in Lace and send it by email to: as well as Amazon vouchers. Inquiries to this e-mail address - without vouchers! - land unread in the garbage!


Gift your mistress generously! Buy everything I want! Send me UNEXPOSED gifts and Amazon vouchers! You little submissive worm live ONLY for me.



It is part of your job to send me gifts without being asked and to make sure that my life is as comfortable and luxurious as possible. You will learn to manage with a small pocket money, you will work and live - only - for me, as it should be!


Gift me NOW !!!


Your sender does not appear on gift items from Amazon! It is only "Amazon" as the sender on your package. You should therefore leave a greeting card in your package, so I know from which of my slaves the gift comes! Go on, what are you waiting for?


You can send gifts, cash letters etc. to the following address: PO Box 0035, 1070 Vienna


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