My residencies are located in Vienna, Munich an Zurich, but you can also meet with me all over the world. Just ask me in my chat as to which possibilities I can offer you! I train and form human toilets, sissy maids, TV-sluts, money slaves, fetishists and masochists, human ATMs, foot rests, nylon sniffers, naughty students, horny pigs, 24/7 slaves, naked butlers, endurance wankers, sexual abstainers, pissing toilets, pantyhose fetishists, women & couples, lingerie wearers, beginners and much more. I am the ultimate ruler & mistress, everything you’ll want or need – you’ll find it with me.

In my videos, via my website and in my chat, you’ll constantly receive new tasks to perform for me. I want you to always address me in humble devotion and expect you to be naked and on your knees at all times unless instructed otherwise. The absolute worship and admiration of my person is obligatory!

I am a real fetish-diva and have committed myself to SM, money domination and education and training of slaves of all ****s. You want a real-life meetup with me? A cash &  go meeting or you wish to become my money slave financing my luxurious life? You want to be my holiday slave, or you’d rather order a personal video?

You have longed for a long time to become my cuckold-slave, long to be in complete 24/7 slavery?

You want to be a performer in one of my video clips? Are you a little sissy slut?

I’ll be your pimp and you’ll be my little hooker!

You can’t shake the thought of becoming my human toilet? You have taken a special liking in feet, pantyhose, nylon feet, sweaty feet or high heels? You have a fetish for latex, varnish and leather, fur coats, seamed nylons or you prefer satin?

With ME, YOU can have all that and lots more!

I will be online in my chat at least 5 times a week between 9 p.m. and 12 a.m. (MEZ)

(midnight). Occasionally, I’ll also come online during the day. You’ll just have to be careful not to miss me. You can write me in my chat without obligations or you can also receive training. After all, I expect my slaves to check-in with me regularly, preferably daily, but at the very least in regular intervals. For chat messages, a tribute fee of 1,99 Dollar per message will be withdrawn.

You’re looking for a life as slave-servant? It is you desire to be owned with body and soul by a beautiful, arrogant, authoritative lady? I’ll gladly arrange contracts as well (long-time contracts, limited contracts, adhesion contracts… whatever you like)?In this case, you should read this paragraph very closely.

I am always looking for functional slaves I can use for my life style and give new purpose! What this can mean for you?

Book a real meeting, come crawling into my slave chat, let me train you as a telephone slave, buy exciting slave contracts in my shop, use my panties, pantyhose and nylons or experience exciting webcam sessions with me!

In my authentic BDSM-clips you can experience the excitement of becoming my slave!

Beg now for admission to my slave’s stable!


Imperious greetings, Goddess Nora Marinelli

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