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Videos von Mistress-Nora-Marinelli (44)

  • Love Addiction - Pay and Pray

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    Preis: 899 Coins
    Mesmerized and dependent I will make you very fast! Learn to become my humble human ATM. Love me, spoil me and worship me! What else should your boring life be good for! Me, your new religion and your new, only love. Be MINE now! Fall into my trap...
  • Bodyworshipper-worship my sexy curves

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    Preis: 599 Coins
    Loser, you probably did not expect that! At over 30 degrees, the goddess makes a bodyworship wetlook video today! Yes, you lollipop have read quite right: I shower in a white dress ... and in the end I take it off! A sight that is otherwise reserved for alpha men only. Not such wankers, as you are! Your job is to worship me, and I am sure that the drool is already running out of your open mouth! How automatically do you go to your knees and bed my breathtaking curves, as befits a good subject! In addition, you may shower me with bills. Who knows when you can see me again so liberal and: NO, you immediately take your finger from your ugly micro cock, or I have allowed you something to touch your disgusting thing? Only a chaste slave is a good slave! You are only there to serve me. Maybe you can touch my sexy feet, but that's it for you! Come on, come right up close and leave the last bit of brain away, you submissive loser. Be my servant and my worshiper. Come on, what are you waiting for ?! Make yourself useful, but ragged!
  • Luxury Mistress - Real Fetish Diva in Fur and Porsche

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    Preis: 399 Coins
    As a real elite and arrogant, spoiled luxury diva, the best is just good enough for me! I love expensive things like  fur coats, a Porsche Turbo 911, a Louis Vuitton bag or a Dior sunglas. I surround myself exclusively with luxury. Your job is to finance my luxury lifestyle! How you do that goes completely past my luxury ass. Take a second and third job as dishwashers and newspaper executors, or sell your belongings. Main thing you do not bother me your poverty! All I want is your money - you human ATM . What do you think, what costs my luxury life? I spend more on a shopping day than you earn  in a month. Maybe you can accompany me as a shopping slave . You will throw yourself in the dust for me and the floor I tread idolize and kiss. It goes without saying that you make your credit cards glow for me. Even if you are in debt and have nothing to eat for a month. All this does not interest me! Be glad and grateful that you are allowed to be a lousy servant and paying monkey for a Luxurylady and a real Elitediva! Get on your knees u and kiss the tops of my expensive overknee boots, paypig...
  • Human ATM: Jerkoff, Poppers, Tribut-Instructions

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    Preis: 999 Coins
    Do you want to do my interactive Jerk Off instruction, slave? Experience an extreme orgasm, under my horny instructions! But be warned: My dominant guide to cumshot is no sugar lick. Be aware of it always. You will perform bizarre sex commands without even thinking about a single word. You 'll need a lot of equipment, but you already have it at home. Turn off your brain and let yourself fall into my experienced hands. Learn to jerk off completely without willing for me and experience a mega orgasm, horny slave! The dominant jerkoff instruction will make you finally my happy servant, because you have from now on a task! Your life as worthless is worth nothing, so feel honored that your dominatrix wastes her precious time with you. I will determine exactly when you may redeem yourself. Do you defend yourself or do not execute every order of your mistress! Ever heard of orgasm torment? I do not even batting an eyebrow at a punishment on your part. So make sure that you perform my interactive Jerk off instructions to my fullest satisfaction, because I watch you exactly!
  • Strap On - training of the sissy slut

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    Preis: 399 Coins
    The submissive sissy cunt is fixed on the bed and spread on! Completely defenseless, the Bitch is prepared for the stroke. Madame Mercedes is allowed to fuck the Sissy Slut unrestrained in her mouth cunt. Later I fucked her in her wet anal pussy. Miss Mercedes and I have our fun. While the little TV hooker whines, we laugh and giggle all the time and enjoy ourselves royally. Sissy Cindy is humiliated and used on the most violent of us. I film everything from the POV perspective. A little treat for all sissy lovers and all slave pigs who would like to be in your place and are (still) too cowardly for it! I have a special liking for TV Hookers, Sissy Maids, Sissy Sluts, Sissification and Bimbofication! Therefore, I train always (new) Sissys. My perversion knows no limits: from rental to my Femdom girlfriends, customers and couples, coffee parties (where you can serve and tapped), Gang Bang parties for Sissy, sperm baths (splashed or in the pool full of cum and piss bathing), Femdompartys (serving as a seat pad or toilet), to outdoor use (eg. At the truck parking), complete hookers training (Daddy evenings, BBC events....), Bodymodificationnen everything is possible and desirable! Apply now, you little bitch in heat and finally get to know the life that is meant for you and that you have been dreaming about all your life!
  • Come on, smell the feet of your strict foot mistress!

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    Preis: 699 Coins
    Come on, smell the feet of your strict foot mistress : Yes , I know you have a new , horny foot clip herbei longed , addiction cunt! You can now immediately sink naked to your knees and slowly and awesome approach my nylon feet! Well , can you already perceive the intense scent of my sweaty feet? Inhale him deeply and come even closer , because I will make out of you the perfect foot lackeys for me. You will learn to become the ultimate foot slave for me. Look closely at the greasy nylon fabric. Does it matter to you as it nestles around my soles and toes. Can you even imagine how wonderful you smell? Surely you already have a considerable bulge in your pants , you foot snoop! Go on , sniff every single toe , every single toe space! Free my sexy feet from the erotic foot scent. Snoop him away , as befits a devoted foot fetishist. If you are particularly skillful , you may even take off my well -registered nylon stockings , pull you over the head , stuff one in the mouth and then jerk off to my feet! I will observe each one of your movements with a smug and nasty laugh. Under my arrogant looks , you can get it yourself - slip on your knees - get yourself! How miserable you are!

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Fotoalben von Mistress-Nora-Marinelli (8)

  • Strict Mistress in Leather

    17 Bilder
    Preis: 699 Coins
    You are looking for a strict leather dominatrix? Consistent slave education, or even the absolute enslavement by your strict leather mistress ?? BDSM long-term education, DWT / TS / TV slaves whores training, domina phone sex education, SadoMaso Selfie slave training up to the total enslavement with slave contract !? Subordinate Servants, Pupils, Fetish Sex Slaves & Real Slavery Bonders / BDSM Bondage Report for a Real Slave Training in the Sadistic Lady's Live Chat or Immediately by Domina Live Phone Sex! Leather Femdom & Real Life Female Domination! The Cruel Sadist Mistress Goddess in Leather & Her SadoMaso Leather Ladys educate the rampant leather fetish crossdresser / TV / TS Sex Slave Sissy Girl & the submissive Bitch Boy real in BDSM domination studio, on live femdom leather sex phone, by domina video selfie slave sluts workout and via SM fetish online slave bitch slave training. Knee down and get in touch - now !!!
  • Obey & Tribute

    30 Bilder
    Preis: 799 Coins
    I have put together a new, sexy dominant gallery for you, which is peppered with sexy outfits and high heels. I belong to worshiped and worshiped. Come on, creep: get naked on your knees and pay homage to your goddess! I am everything you need! Whether it's expensive fur coat, in megassexy crotch boots, super high fetish high heels or costumes, you'll fall for me! This has long been a law of nature and is unavoidable! You will serve me, pay homage to me, pamper me financially and think of me every minute of your day. Come on, give yourself to me, that's exactly what you need so much. As always you can not help it, you have to sink to my knees in front of my charisma, my legs, my ass, everything is adorable and that's exactly what you will do! By the way: nylons, heels, panties and much more - personally worn by me - can be bought in my shop!
  • Cum to my hot photos

    41 Bilder
    Preis: 799 Coins
    I love horny, extremely high heels, leather gloves and tight, shiny tights - preferably without panties, then it smells more intense! Kneel down, in front of your only mistress and cum like to my hot fetish photos and inhale my beguiling ass smell!
  • Be my Toilettslave

    33 Bilder
    Preis: 799 Coins
    So it could feel like being my Humamtoilet, my toilet slave in real. Feel how my warm golden shower pats on you and you are nothing more than my human toilet ....
  • Pimptress Miss Marinelli rent her sissy-slut

    11 Bilder
    Preis: 899 Coins
    I travel from Salzburg airport with my private jet and my long-time Sissymaid "Lisa" to Ireland, where I have sold the submissive slut to a rich couple over the weekend. She has the two in every possible way to "serve". I am a true Pimptress, enjoying my luruxy lifestyle....
  • Erotic-Goddess in Garterbelt & FF Nylonstockings

    10 Bilder
    Preis: 599 Coins
    I love vintage lingerie, suspenders and FF nylons. Are you sharing this hot fetish with me? Then you will become addicted to these sexy, exclusive photos!

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