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Videos von Mistress-Nora-Marinelli (33)

  • Male whore - prostitute for my feet

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    Preis: 999 Coins
    I force even reluctant men to my knees with my breathtaking foot scent! Outraged responded to a young, submissive slave on my instructions to go for me on the hustle! Only hesitantly, he would initially go to his knees to sniff my sweaty feet. But I know exactly what I do and not in vain are so many addiction pussy, both male and female, total obedient. Pray the ground that I walk on and are ready to go to the absolute self-abandonment for me and my well-being. This servant quickly realized that there is no escape for me. The more I let him sniff at my delicious foot smell, the more willless he became! With every minute his resistance faded and I let the foot cunt jerk off to my sexy feet. He begged to be allowed to cum and be allowed to go for the bottom line! With a smug smile I drove him more and more into my slave trap, until he finally succumbed and was ready to do absolutely everything for me. The idea of ​​not being able to smell my sweaty feet every day was just too horrible for my cunt. Compassionate as I am, I let him cum in the end to a jerking countdown for me, while his nose disappeared deep in my hot, wet toe slits. Well, where my will is your way, that's an unwritten law for all foot pussies. Just bend my will and in the end will do what I wish and as I wish! I AM YOUR PIMPTRESS AND YOU ARE MY MALE WHORE, NEVER FORGET THAT
  • RipOff-Fuck you pay me!

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    Preis: 50000 Coins
    There is nothing more to say: be my human ATM - losers have to pay!
  • My new source of income

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    Preis: 2499 Coins
    There are two things that make me exceptionally horny: power and money! You’ve been fatally attracted to me for some time now and you bring me way to little money! I love perverted stagings and have therefore ordered you into my studio. I have discovered a new, ingenious and very lucrative source of income: YOUR CUM ;-) You will be ordered to completely undress and lay down on my stretching rack. Oblivious you will perform my “harmless” order. My female slave has bound and fixed you to the rack! My stern, yet very sexy outfit renders you utterly submissive. With an almost tender voice I shall enlighten you: two women are waiting in the next room! Each of them has paid 12.000 euros to get impregnated. Well, I’ll let you guess who’s going to be my new sperm bank – exactly right: YOU, Bitch! Get used to the thought: It is completely normal for you to fuck strange women and squirt your cum deep into them. Ain’t that just me? Always looking out for my best interests…haha
  • From today you live in chastity, slave!

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    Preis: 1899 Coins
    From today on alone, I will determine your miserable little cock! You will lock your cock in eternal chastity and send me ALL keys. From then on it goes right! Extremely horny tasks expect you! You will first swallow Viagra, then I'll send you to the Sexclub, another time to the brothel. Every day you will get hot tasks by WhatsApp from me, which you have to fulfill wisely and well closed. I am your Keyholder and take full controll over you! Mistress over your cock and your orgamus! Mistress of Lust & Sorrow! Apply now as my long-lasting chap!
  • Sexy in furs

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    Preis: 1699 Coins
    Hot, dominant women in furs make you horny and you want a hot jerk-off instruction? Well then, my submissive admirer, you shouldn’t miss out on this clip! Which one of my sexy fur coats shall I wear for you? Can you feel the smooth, soft furs? How it nuzzles to my sexy curves. Come on, whip out your cock for me – your fur-mistress wants to see you jerk-off. Follow my super jerk-off instruction with cum-guarantee!
  • Poppers Inhale - Follow my horny announcements!

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    Preis: 1799 Coins
    *** CAUTION - ONLY FOR REAL ARTISTS, NOTHING FOR SOFT EGGS *** I lead you skillfully through a horny Poppers session, including breath control and perverted, horny defaults! Addict snoop, now come to my Interactive Poppers hardcore education with me, your Inhale Mistress !!! NOW experience the hottest Poppers-Inhale education of your life! Did you see my outfit? Red patent leather overknee boots with 18cm metal heel, a red sheer body, a patent corset and a red patent leather jacket. All this serves the ONLY purpose: to make you more and more addicted to me and to bind you even more strongly to me.

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Fotoalben von Mistress-Nora-Marinelli (8)

  • Strict Mistress in Leather

    17 Bilder
    Preis: 699 Coins
    You are looking for a strict leather dominatrix? Consistent slave education, or even the absolute enslavement by your strict leather mistress ?? BDSM long-term education, DWT / TS / TV slaves whores training, domina phone sex education, SadoMaso Selfie slave training up to the total enslavement with slave contract !? Subordinate Servants, Pupils, Fetish Sex Slaves & Real Slavery Bonders / BDSM Bondage Report for a Real Slave Training in the Sadistic Lady's Live Chat or Immediately by Domina Live Phone Sex! Leather Femdom & Real Life Female Domination! The Cruel Sadist Mistress Goddess in Leather & Her SadoMaso Leather Ladys educate the rampant leather fetish crossdresser / TV / TS Sex Slave Sissy Girl & the submissive Bitch Boy real in BDSM domination studio, on live femdom leather sex phone, by domina video selfie slave sluts workout and via SM fetish online slave bitch slave training. Knee down and get in touch - now !!!
  • Obey & Tribute

    30 Bilder
    Preis: 799 Coins
    I have put together a new, sexy dominant gallery for you, which is peppered with sexy outfits and high heels. I belong to worshiped and worshiped. Come on, creep: get naked on your knees and pay homage to your goddess! I am everything you need! Whether it's expensive fur coat, in megassexy crotch boots, super high fetish high heels or costumes, you'll fall for me! This has long been a law of nature and is unavoidable! You will serve me, pay homage to me, pamper me financially and think of me every minute of your day. Come on, give yourself to me, that's exactly what you need so much. As always you can not help it, you have to sink to my knees in front of my charisma, my legs, my ass, everything is adorable and that's exactly what you will do! By the way: nylons, heels, panties and much more - personally worn by me - can be bought in my shop!
  • Cum to my hot photos

    41 Bilder
    Preis: 799 Coins
    I love horny, extremely high heels, leather gloves and tight, shiny tights - preferably without panties, then it smells more intense! Kneel down, in front of your only mistress and cum like to my hot fetish photos and inhale my beguiling ass smell!
  • Be my Toilettslave

    33 Bilder
    Preis: 799 Coins
    So it could feel like being my Humamtoilet, my toilet slave in real. Feel how my warm golden shower pats on you and you are nothing more than my human toilet ....
  • Pimptress Miss Marinelli rent her sissy-slut

    11 Bilder
    Preis: 899 Coins
    I travel from Salzburg airport with my private jet and my long-time Sissymaid "Lisa" to Ireland, where I have sold the submissive slut to a rich couple over the weekend. She has the two in every possible way to "serve". I am a true Pimptress, enjoying my luruxy lifestyle....
  • Erotic-Goddess in Garterbelt & FF Nylonstockings

    10 Bilder
    Preis: 599 Coins
    I love vintage lingerie, suspenders and FF nylons. Are you sharing this hot fetish with me? Then you will become addicted to these sexy, exclusive photos!

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